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Artist Bio

Cindy on the dock

I’ve painted portraits before, with the sitter posing over several days. The paintings for this show however, were done fast, some in only one hour. Each stroke has to be done right the first time: mixing the colour - warm or cool; the value - dark or light: the edges - sharp or blended and the shape of the stroke gives the contour of the face.

There’s no time to correct mistakes and not every painting works. But those that do have a life and freshness not seen in the longer portrait paintings.

Cindy is a Gibsons’ BC artist originally from Ontario. She began painting in 1985 and has studied and exhibited with the Dundas Valley School of Art, Central Ontario Art Association, the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, the Pastel Artists Canada, and the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy.

Cindy’s paintings are hanging in corporate, nonprofit  and many private collections across Canada.